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Technological Partners
Microsoft Gold Partner
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DXspark develops its work close to its clients, assisting them in their digital transformation.

highdome presents security solutions for different types of customers, ensuring the future of organizations.

Agap2 Technology Services (ATS) presents its clients with a new brand and a distinct way of thinking and making technology.

FootballISM manages in detail the evolution of Football’s main asset: the Player.


Our Product team has the best professionals to develop the most challenging and innovative solutions. We provide our clients with the best solutions production practices and apply these practices internally.


Productisation of solutions is a driving force for innovation

Investment in product development allows to enter new markets and gain a competitive advantage against the competition. It is an activity that produces a constant innovation of the products and services provided by companies.

Productisation of solutions is a driving force for innovation


R&D Research & Development

Build the Future

Our Research and Innovation services explore the latest technologies to help organisations discover untapped potential and get better results now.

Embrace emerging technologies and build your competitive advantage in the new digital age.

R&D is key in business strategy

It allows to break boundaries, promote continuous, holistic and operational improvement of organisations, and discover new opportunities to be explored.

Our focus

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Code Generation
  • Blockchain
  • Partnerships and Financing
Research & Development
Research & Development

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in building societies of the future.

We believe that it will allow us to solve complex problems and optimize processes that even the best minds will not be able to match.

In our laboratory studies, we apply the most advanced techniques in the composition and training of neuronal networks to help our clients and partners know the latent potential of smart technologies.

Deus Ex Machina

Artificial Intelligence is bringing the machine closer to man, and man to machine. Knowing and understanding the power of this tool can open doors to a whole new business strategy.


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