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A DXspark desenvolve um trabalho de proximidade com os seus clientes, auxiliando-os na sua transformação digital.

A highdome apresenta soluções de segurança para diferentes tipos de cliente, assegurando o futuro das organizações.

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Build a Human Firewall with highdome

Educate your staff with highdome security awareness solution

Security as a Service

Aside from cost and time benefits, highdome offers several more benefits for organisations of all sizes.

Vulnerability Management

Gain visibility into cyber vulnerabilities in your environment and prevent attacks by optimally addressing these cyber security breaches.

App Shield

Mobile applications are at constant risk of attack that can occur through the device, backoffice or the application itself. App Shield will shield your application at runtime or even at rest.

Data Protection

Data is one of the greatest assets of organizations. Ensure that this data is not in the wrong hands, protecting them from leakage of company data or even personal data of employees.

Threat Intelligence

Access credentials, names of executives or even IT assets may be available on the deep and dark web. Our team of experts can make this discovery and treatment of this vulnerability for your company.


By educating and training employees to be vigilant in protecting company information and systems, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.

CyberSec Academy

Our cybersecurity academy aims to train you and your team on the necessary measures to recognize and subsequently prevent a cyber attack.

Mobile Apps

Lately, the use of smartphones and tablets has increased considerably, favoring the growth of the mobile applications market. And attacks on applications and web portals only grow.

Cutting-edge In-App Protection

  • State of the art application code protection;
  • The most comprehensive runtime attack protection (Malware);

It’s fast, invisible to end-users, and quickly integrates into the app

Developers don’t need to be experts on app security

Security on-the-fly! Adjust security settings automatically

“91% of all Cyber Attacks start with Phishing”

The Problem 1

Hackers are targeting people

of the attacks try to trick a user with some social engineering scheme

of cyberattacks and the resulting data breach begin with a spear phishing email

The Problem 2

Wrong Industry Focus

IT-Security Focus: 8% on Email

Hacker Focus: 93% on Email

The Problem 3

Work from Home

of cybersecurity companies say phishing has increased dramatically with Covid19

A scalable solution for the B2B market that provides

security awareness training & attack simulations

Test Employees

Identify security awareness gaps through attack simulations.

Train Employees

Affordable & customizable training provided by a software, that can be combined with an attack simulation. Content with interactive elements & gamification keeps the employee engaged.

Train Infrastructure

A malware simulation tool can expose technical risks and answer the question: “What are the technical risks if the employee clicks on a malicious file?”

Measure Progress

In highdome Cyber Academy you can measure the awareness index of your company.

Let’s close the cyber gap?

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